Centaur Accounting Inc. began in July of 1996 providing tax preparation services. Since then, our company has grown into an established bookkeeping and income tax firm, offering a wide range of services to our clients.
Mission Statement is to provide accurate, professional accounting services and income tax preparation for individuals, business owners, and small corporations at fair and reasonable rates.
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Is your family's personal information kept safe and confidential?
Centaur Accounting is committed to adherence to PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act), and ensures that all of our client's information is kept confidential with strict security policies.

2010 PIPEDA Notice
If you would like to designate a representative to pick up your tax return because you cannot make it into our office, click here to print our Privacy and Consent Form and simply drop the signed form off with your tax documents.

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Did You Know...
The Canada Revenue Agency can review your tax returns as far back as ten years?

At Centaur Accounting, we archive all of our clients' tax returns for this time period. In case of an audit, our trained professionals will work with you throughout the process, making sure your rights are protected.

As a Centaur client, you will never have to deal with the government directly if they require additional slips or information. We represent you with honesty, accuracy, and professionalism.

Review vs. Audit
Each year, many of our personal tax clients are chosen for a review by the Canada Revenue Agency. The review may be as simple as asking to see a copy of a donation receipt, but could be slightly more complex, particularly when relating to a claim for an eligible dependent or disability transfer.

An audit is more involved and often involves a CRA agent physically reviewing your records (such as the bank statements and cash register tapes of a small business) so that they can follow certain cash flows and ensure that these were properly recorded on the tax return.  
Follow the Progress of your T1 Return
At Centaur Accounting, we guarantee a one-week turnaround time to process T1 personal tax returns. We pride ourselves on taking great care of every return that is brought into our office. 

Professional Preparation
After you drop off your return, your information will be carefully reviewed and entered into our tax software by our knowledgeable staff. We compare your current return with your tax history over a multi-year period. If it looks as though you may be missing some income slips or deduction receipts, we may contact you at this point to ensure your return is prepared as accurately as possible.

Quality Control
Unlike some of our competitors, we essentially prepare our personal tax returns twice; your return is reviewed by a different staff member after it has been prepared. We feel this extra step helps in eliminating any typographical errors, and could raise questions about a return that the original preparer may not have initially considered.

Printing and Assembly
After completion, we print and assemble each tax return in our customized client-envelopes. These are special as they include a checklist that can be used when organizing your tax information in the following year. Our tax returns are printed double-sided to reduce our paper consumption and minimize our carbon footprint.

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