Centaur Checklists and Templates
Every year, our clients spend valuable time generating spreadsheets and cover letters which list in detail the specifications of their tax returns. Now it's our turn to thank you! Print out these forms, fill them out as necessary, and submit them with your taxes to reception this year instead
of creating your own.

Please Make Use of These Personalized Forms we have Developed to assist you in organizing your paperwork.
The Following downloadable .pdf files were created by the staff at Centaur Accounting and are for Personal Use Only.

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General Income Tax Checklist
This list will help you keep track of your personal tax information we need to prepare your tax return. We have also printed this on the back of your Tax Return envelope to assist you with organizing your documents for the following year. This is a great resource for clients who want to make sure they have received all of their slips before bringing in their tax documents.

New Client Information Sheet
If this is your first year filing with Centaur Accounting, please take a moment to fill out this form.
Real Estate Rental Worksheet
This form is useful for clients who rent out part of their home or have rental properties during the year.
Income and Expense Sheet for Businesses
Sole proprietors can use this form to display their total revenues and expenses for the year. Clients who have completed this form will not be charged for hourly bookkeeping services as they are adding the expenses themselves.
Mileage Log
If you use your motor vehicle for both employment/business and personal use, you can deduct only the percentage of expenses related to earning income. Use this mileage log to keep track of your annual usage. (Microsoft Excel required)

List of Medical Expenses Incurred
Printing this list and filling in the medical expenses incurred by yourself and your spouse or children under 18 (if applicable) will allow you to see what credit is available to you beforehand, and allow for quicker processing of your tax return. This form is ideal for clients who incur medical expenses that total at least 3% of their net income for the year.

Centaur Accounting Privacy Promise and Release Form
This form should be read by every client who has their tax return processed at Centaur Accounting. It is our privacy promise to you, the client, and will also allow the designation of one individual to pick up your tax return on your behalf if you cannot make it into our office. We recommend that every client print and read this form. A form will be provided to you when dropping off your tax return if you are not able to print from home.

Estate Information Sheet and Checklist
We understand the emotions and stress that can accompany looking after a loved one's final affairs. We hope this checklist will ease the process of preparing the tax information for a T1 Final or T3 Trust tax return.
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