Canada Revenue Agency Contact Information
Government Toll-Free Numbers
CRA TIPS (Find out your RRSP Deduction Limit)         1-800-267-6999
General Inquiries about your Tax Return                    1-800-959-8281
Information for Businesses                                         1-800-959-5525

                                               The CRA London Office is Located At:
                                                451 Talbot Street
                                                London, ON  N6A 5E5
                                           Fax: (519) 645-4029
                                            Service by Appointment Only
                                      After hours drop box is available

     NEW: GST/HST Transition                         Helpful Links to Government-Run Websites
The Harmonized Sales Tax has now come into effect in Ontario, replacing GST and PST. The basic HST rate is 13%.

We strongly suggest that any business owner who will be transitioning from charging GST/PST to HST review the following information:

What is the HST?


HST Transitional Rules

Is Your Business Ready for HST?

If you have any questions regarding the effects of HST on your business, please feel free to contact us for further information.





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