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Sole proprietors can use this form to display their total revenues and expenses for the year. Clients who bring in this form will not be charged for hourly bookkeeping services as they are adding the expenses themselves. This form can also be useful for clients who rent out their home or have rental properties during the year.The file can be downloaded in Word format  here,


                                                           Business Expense Spreadsheet

Name: _______________________________ Business Name: _______________________________________

Main Product or Service: ______________________________

Business Income:

Sales, Commissions, or Fees (without GST/HST)������� $ ________________

HST collected from income �����������..����. $_________________

Total gross sales �������������������...� $ ________________

Please note:
-If you are a HST registrant, (you charge HST) please provide amounts without HST tax on the spreadsheet.
-If you are not a HST registrant, (you do not charge HST) include the total, HST tax included amount.

Cost of Goods Sold: circle one: Without HST / or HST Included

Opening Inventory �����������.�..$________________ HST amount $________________

Purchases During the year ���������...$________________ HST amount $________________
Closing Inventory ������������.....$________________ HST amount $________________

Business Expenses

Advertising ���������������.....$_________________ HST amount $________________

Meals & Entertainment ���������......$_________________ HST amount $________________
Bad Debts ���������������.......$_________________ HST amount $________________

Insurance ����������������.....$_________________

Interest ����������������...�..$_________________

Business Tax, fees, licences, dues, memberships..$_________________ HST amount $________________

Office Expenses �������������.....$_________________ HST amount $________________

Supplies/Purchases �����������....�.$_________________ HST amount $________________

Legal, Accounting, & Other Professional Fees �$_________________ HST amount $________________

Management & Admin Fees ��������....$_________________ HST amount $________________

Rent ����������������.............$_________________ HST amount $________________

Maintenance & Repairs ���������...�.$_________________ HST amount $________________

Salaries, Wages and Benefits ��������...$_________________ HST amount $________________

Subcontracts ��������������.......$_________________ HST amount $________________

Property Taxes ��������������..$_________________

Travel �����������������......$_________________ HST amount $________________

Telephone & Utilities ���..��������$_________________ HST amount $________________

Fuel Costs (except for Motor Vehicles) ���...$_________________ HST amount $________________

Delivery, freight, postage ���������....$_________________ HST amount $________________

Other Expenses ___________________�..�..$_________________ HST amount $________________

Other Expenses ___________________�..�..$_________________ HST amount $________________

Total Expenses �������������..�$_________________ HST amount $________________

Please list any Furniture, Equipment or Computer purchases:
Description Date Purchased Purchase Price HST Amount

Office in Home Expenses (if applicable)

Area of Home used for business activity���� __________________ %

Total area of home ������������ __________________ sq�

Heat ������������������....$__________________ HST amount $________________

Electricity ����������������..$__________________ HST amount $________________

Insurance ����������������....$__________________ HST amount $________________

Maintenance ��������������......$__________________ HST amount $________________

Mortgage Interest ������������.....$__________________

Property Taxes or Rent�����������$__________________ HST amount $________________

Other Expenses �������������.....$__________________ HST amount $________________

Personal Use area of the home��..����.... __________________ %

Note: Expenses for office-in-home cannot be used to increase a business loss. If your business has a loss through normal operating expenses (from the first page of this spreadsheet) your office-in-home expenses will be carried forward to apply against future business income. This carry-forward does not expire.

Motor Vehicle Expenses

Vehicle Make/Model/Year _____________________________________

Kilometer�s driven to earn business income �..$__________________

Total Kilometer�s driven in the year ����..$__________________

Fuel & Oil ���������������......$__________________ HST amount $________________

Insurance ���������������....�$__________________

License & Registration �����������$__________________ HST amount $________________

Maintenance & Repairs ����������...$__________________ HST amount $________________

Leasing Costs / Financing Interest������..$__________________ HST amount $________________

Business Parking �������������....$__________________ HST amount $________________

Other Expenses �������������.....$__________________ HST amount $________________

Note: Claims for leasing and interest charges are subject to maximum figures allowed by Canada Revenue Agency.

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